Services & Pricing

At Quick Sesh, you can pay as you need it or you can join our monthly subscription - Quick Sesh Instant. Our Monthly subscribers can text to get expert tech advice and also get our on-demand tech service 24/7/365 when and where they need it for a fixed monthly rate.

Our prices are determined by the type and difficulty of the issue you need assistance with. After you submit your issue our professionals will estimate the cost and present it to you before continuing. In tech support, it's difficult to predict how long an issue will take to become resolved. So we utilize price ranges allowing you and the IT professional to agree upon a fair price.

Let us assist you through the easiest and most difficult tech problems.

Quick Sesh Instant

Quick Sesh Instant allows you to get unlimited tech issues resolved for a flat monthly rate. You can rest easy knowing you have 24/7/365 IT help desk at the tip of your finger.

Besides our on-demand IT service, Instant also includes anytime tech advice via call or text to a direct line and premium monthly tech tips.

Quick Sesh Instant is for both everyday computer users to businesses. Interested in Instant? Let's talk!

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