About Quick Sesh

What is Quick Sesh?

Currently, when you have a problem with your computer or device, you will turn to a repair store or endlessly search on forums to get it resolved. It’s costly, insecure, and in a connected world it’s incredibly frustrating to be without your device. Quick Sesh has developed a marketplace that gets people connected to resolve their tech issues at any time and in any place, to solve this.

The uniqueness of Quick Sesh is that it allows you to know the price point, know who’s working on your issue, and determine what technical issue you want to be resolved and when you want to resolve it. We have IT professionals who are freelancers that are vetted, that will troubleshoot your issue that best suits you via remote support, email walkthrough, or call and text.

By us doing this you can bypass the awkward at home visits, the uncertainty of giving your device to a faceless support company, and the headache of going from place to place to see if they can resolve the issue you’re having since everything is online using Quick Sesh.

With our founder, Belal Kamara, starting off his tech journey by being a desktop support analyst, Quick Sesh understands the importance of sharing computer best practices that alleviates computer issues caused by one self. Subscribe to our newsletters get our monthly computer Quick Tips!

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Who are IT Professionals?

An IT professional is classified as a freelancer highly skilled in computer/device repair who follows industry best practices. People can become an IT professional if they meet standards through our vetting process.

The process consists of: A 30-question exam that’s derived from common enterprise certification exams; the passing score for this assessment is 90%. A scenario based assessment where we conduct a screencast for the applicant, and they must complete a case study that instructs them to solve the issue presented and talk through it as if it was with a consumer.

IT professional must maintain at least a 3.8 out of 5 star rating to work with Quick Sesh. If an IT professional’s rating falls below the minimum, they will have 2 attempts to improve their rating before being removed from the service.

Quick Sesh for Businesses

Quick Sesh will give specialized service to businesses of all sizes. Businesses can sign up for business accounts and send service orders for any specialized applications or any particular issue that occurs.

With our database of IT professionals, businesses will be able to view the skill set of each IT professional to verify they have the adequate skills needed for the issue at hand.

Quick Sesh offers a free 2 week trial of our on-demand tech service to businesses in exchange for honest feedback.

We invite businesses to connect with us so that we better understand what tech issues businesses in a particular industry is having so we can become more aware and better support them. If interested in discussing and learning more please email our CEO, Belal Kamara.


Belal Kamara is a developer whose first project was building a fun, competitive, alternative for users to keep track of how many miles they run per day, called Race-The-Day. Belal acquired a bachelor’s degree from the University of Memphis with a focus in Management Information System and completed a full stack development boot camp that focused on Ruby, HTML, & JQuery. Belal's experience in the tech world ranges from desktop support analyst, technical consultant, and even developer.